Source By: Zee News

New Delhi: In tonight’s nomination special episode, Bigg Boss introduced a new twist. The contestants were asked to save one person except Vikas, who being the captain is already safe for this week.

So, Luv and Akash turn out to be the ones who nobody saved. But then Bigg Boss asks Vikas to use his power of being a captain and replace one safe contestant with the one nominated. And guess what?

Shilpa Shinde gets nominated along with Akash. However, the bigger twist is that voting lines are closed for this week and so it means that there will be no eviction. Surprised? So, are we.

Also, the episode showed us how in a task, Bigg Boss celebrated a special women’s day where Hina, Shilpa and Arshi were the queens of the house and men their sevaks. Each female got two sevaks and could order them to do things for them.

It was interesting how Arshi made Hiten give her a massage while she kept pulling his leg. On the other side, we saw things getting better between Akash and Shilpa. However, Arshi and Akash get into fight mode.

Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma hugged and made up after the latter called her ‘insecure’ in Weekend Ka Vaar episode. This had made her a little upset with Priyank and was not talking to him.

This season is surely a whirlwind of emotions.


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